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World clock is a free clock for your computer to quickly know the world times. Download this free computer Clock application and quickly know the times of countries, cities and towns around the world.

World clock is a very useful application to run on your desktop. There are several instances where you may find the need to know the correct time of a city or town in some other part of this world. For example, you may have your close friend or relative living in another international city and you may want to ensure whether it is a good time to call. World Clock is just the right tool to use in such situations.

This desktop clock is a very small tool built on java platform. Though it is a very simple tool with not many features, it does serve the purpose for which it was built i.e. it lets you find the time of any city in the world immediately.

Free World Clock for the desktop to know World times

  • Free download World clock from here.
  • Extract the downloaded zip file
  • Double click the world clock, an executable jar file
  • From the drop-down, Choose the world city whose current time you may want to know
  • The World clock will show the time of the city beneath the local time i.e. the place where you live.
Free World clock

That is all folks! This free world clock will run on windows or Mac or Linux as it is java based tool. Enjoy the free clock – world clock application.

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