Worpress 2.7 beta 1 – a quick review with pics

WordPress 2.7 beta 1 has been released.Thought Matt and his team are behind schedule, they are working hard and the final product is expected to be released towards the end of november.

Here is a quick review of the current beta 1 version.As pictures would convey more than words, this review will have pictures of all important interface changes that I have noticed.Overall the team has done a good job to enhance the productivity of wordpress bloggers.The most regularly perfomed tasks, whether it be making a quick post or doing a comment approval, can now be done from the wordpress dashboard.And every administrative page can now be accessed from the dashboard with a single click.Thanks to the wordpress ribbon (Ok let me be the first to call it a wordpress ribbon) that hangs on the left.

WordPress 2.7 dashboard widgetized:

The wordpress 2.7 dashboard is the all important and only interface that you will probably use most of the time.The main layout has been completely widgetized and they can be rearranged by simple drag and drop.

wordpress 2.7 dashboard

WordPress 2.7 quickpress:

The quickpress feature on the dashboard that lets the user make a quick post.Probably they could add a drop down, listing categories to this widget.

wordpress 2.7 dashboard

WordPress 2.7 recent comments widget:

The WordPress 2.7 recent comments widget that lets you approve, edit and reply to comments from the dashboard.

wordpress 2.7 dashboard

WordPress 2.7 post add/edit page:

The WordPress 2.7 post add/edit page has been relaid and screen options has been provided at the top, to let the user control what to be shown on the page.However I neither find the option to add a quick shortcut to the browser(bookmark) nor do I find the view page option. Hope the wordpress team takes note of this.

wordpress 2.7 dashboard

WordPress 2.7 support for gears:

The picture say it all 🙂

wordpress 2.7 dashboard

WordPress 2.7 automatic upgrade:

And the most important WordPress 2.7 automatic upgrade or one click upgrade option. Farewell to all those excellent automatic upgrade plugin developers (keith and others). But how do I test this? 🙂

wordpress 2.7 automatic upgrade

What I miss is the Manage section. This page had the feature to mass edit tags and manage subscribers.Several plugins were also making use of this page to add subpages for data management.Why did the wordpress team remove this section? 🙁 kindly restore it.

Overall I am pretty impressed with the usability of wordpress administration.Usability, simplicity and productivity are the keywords that can be readily associate with wordpress 2.7. As a plugin developer, I would request Matt and his team to ensure that plugins do not break in a big way due to this new release.Hope they bring out a plugin developer guide and notify all the developers (in their database) about changes, if any.If possible, give them some time to fix it and then release the final product.Guess I will have some work to do on my wordpress seo plugin – Platinum SEO and broken links remover plugin.
And users, you simply enjoy wordpress 2.7. 🙂
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