XP Theme For XP To Get Windows 7 Looks

Make your Windows XP look like Windows 7 with the Windows XP Theme called Seven Remix XP 2.0. If you are geeky, you can instead download windows 7 RC, available for download until 30 July 2009.

Though Windows 7 RC is a full featured edition, it is a pre-release candidate and Microsoft does not provide technical support for it. Hence it is advisable to download and use windows 7 RC, only if you are a reasonably experienced PC user. If you are not that technical but still couldn’t resist getting the Windows 7 looks on your Windows XP, you can try the XP Theme called Seven Remix XP 2.0.

Windows XP Theme To Get Windows 7 Looks

With this free Windows XP Theme, you can make Windows XP look like Windows 7 in just a few clicks. This XP Theme includes all the eye-candy features in Windows 7 including wallpapers, skins, cursors, system sounds, screen-saver, the boot and log on screens. Seven Remix XP Theme pack is easy to install and its installation wizard walks you through the whole process, giving you options to exactly choose which elements to install. As with most other XP theme packs, it creates a system restoration point before applying any changes.

Download the free Windows XP Theme, Seven Remix XP 2.0 from here and enjoy! However, you must remember that this XP theme does not give you the Aero effects, window preview or any other Windows 7 graphical features.It only gives you the visual changes to make your Windows XP look like Windows 7.

You may try another Windows XP Theme called Seven Skin Pack 2.0 Ultimate to get those graphical effects too. Seven Remix XP 2.0 is nevertheless a good XP Theme For XP to get the needed visual changes for Windows 7 looks.

Update: Seven Remix Pak 2.1 is now available for download from here. Check out what is new in version 2.1 here

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  1. I have installed the Skin Pack 2.0 Ultimate. The Start Menu is the only thing that doesn’t work right?!?!


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