Yahoo Buzz now accepts stories from all publishers

Yahoo buzz , the buzzing story sharing platform from Yahoo!, is now open to all publishers. Yahoo! Buzz is supposed to be a huge traffic generator for websites with interesting content.

The buzz can be about anything – a great story on a major news site, an extraordinary bit from an obscure site, an intriguing video, or a fantastic blog that shouldn’t be missed.

However Yahoo! buzz builds the buzz based on what people are searching for via Yahoo search.

How does Yahoo buzz work?

  • First, the most popular topics are determined based on what people are searching for on Yahoo!
  • Then, Yahoo! Buzz showcases the most popular stories within those topics, based on activities like voting and emailing stories to friends.
  • Stories with most Buzz may even be published on the Yahoo! home page – thereby impacting what millions will see on Yahoo!.

I was able to submit a post from this blog. You can see the image here 🙂

It would also be good to Know how rating works on Yahoo! Buzz before submitting your post

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