Yahoo Mail: Improvements in Yahoo Mail

Yahoo Mail has been revamped to add more social features, enhanced photo sharing abilities and improved design and layout. Yahoo Mail is planning to release the features over a period of time.

Yahoo Mail has not only an improved its design but the layout is more organized as applications like Calendar and Notepad have been moved into a new area called Applications, beneath folders. The Applications box also includes the third-party apps, like Edit Photos by Picnik, PayPal, My Photos by Xoopit and Big Sender by Zumo Drive. We might also see several new applications in the coming months including a new app from Evite that will let you plan, create, and keep track of parties and events.

Apart from improved design and layout, Yahoo has also made sharing photos easier, as they have introduced a new multi-select and drag-and-drop functionality that makes it easier to attach photos, view thumbnail previews, and rotate images before you send them.In the new Yahoo mail, you will be able to drag and drop photos into your emails, upload multiple attachments and even upload whole folders at once. Yahoo Mail has also increased the attachment limit from 10MB to 25MB.

Yahoo Mail users will also be able to stay up-to-date on what friends and family are doing online, and view the most recent emails from their contacts.Soon you’ll even have the ability to receive birthday reminders.

Check out the new features in Yahoo Mail in the following video:

Yahoo! Mail for Mobile:

Yahoo! Mail for mobile ( has also been enhanced, giving you one-click access to check, compose and search email, allowing attachment downloads like Microsoft Office, PDFs and photos, and letting you access personal folders on the go. Yahoo! Mail for mobile is right now available for Iphone and will be released for 400 other devices with HTML browsers, on September 1 2009. Through the new Yahoo! Mail for mobile, you can do the following:

  • Stay on top of your emails, search your messages, and view attachments from anywhere.
  • Keep your Inbox in sync between your phone and PC.
  • Get instant notifications and never miss a message again.
  • Access your Inbox in a snap — no setup required.

Overall, Yahoo has strives to make Yahoo Mail more social and more user friendly. The following are a few of our wish lists:

  • Making Yahoo POP3 access available for all users as this currently seems to be available only in a few countries and for old Yahoo mail Accounts
  • Ability to specify one or more email ids (including third party mail ids like those of Gmail and Hotmail) as a CC list i.e. ability to automatically CC those mail accounts on all mails sent out of Yahoo Mail
  • Support for IMAP protocols like the Gmail IMAP support
  • Ability to easily embed and share videos in Yahoo Mail
  • Ability to link to (embed) photos in Yahoo mail from the blog or website of the Yahoo mail account owners

The above are a few of our wish lists. We believe that the above make Yahoo mail, even more exciting for the users. Enjoy using your enhanced Yahoo Mail accounts. If you don’t have one, you should create one immediately.

You can also now download Yahoo Messenger 10 beta and enjoy improved Video and Voice experience.

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  1. Right on about the POP3 access! That is 100% of the reason I don’t use it.

    I actually set up a Yahoo Mail account and was all ready to go, then realized it didn’t support POP3… long story short… now I’m @ Gmail.

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