Share YouTube Videos On Twitter with YouTube Tweeter

Share YouTube videos on Twitter with YouTube Tweeter. YouTube Tweeter is fun to use. The concept of YouTube Tweeter is simple. When you tweet your favorite YouTube Videos or YouTube HD Videos or Hollywood YouTube Movies, and someone opens the URL you tweeted, the video is overlay on top of your twitter profile page and is ready to play.

How To share YouTube Videos via Twitter?

YouTube Tweeter is very simple to use.

  • Go to YouTube Tweeter
  • Enter your Twitter user name and click Start
  • Copy Paste the YouTube URL you want to share with your Twitter Followers and click Continue
  • Your Youtube Tweet URL is automatically generated
  • Just click “Tweet it now

If you are already logged on to Twitter, the following Tweet “Here’s a YouTube video I want to show you –>” is automatically pasted on your Tweet Box and you just need to press Update to share it. Note that “” is your Youtube Tweet URL, in the above Tweet. Incase you are not logged on to Twitter, you will be taken to your Twitter login page and once you login using your Twitter username and password, the Youtube Tweet is pasted on to your Tweet Box.

Now when someone opens the URL you tweeted, the video will play on top of your twitter profile page.

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What is cool about this service, is you don’t have to share your Twitter password with it and the Youtube video is shared easily, without troubling your Twitter followers, to navigate to YouTube, to view the video.

Enjoy sharing YouTube Videos on Twitter with YouTube Tweeter.

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